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    Janice Nyam



      Emmalee Braam

        Well, I’m a bit silly I always go movie themed haha (went as a pirate to pirates of the Caribbean years ago). But since it is a premiere and you want to make it special I’d just go all out, and make yourself feel like a star, but also something you can sit in the dark theatre without getting uncomfortable I guess.

        Guessing the picture you have is you, something yellow or bright would look amazing on you! Just totally go with it and make yourself feel amazing!


        Which movie are you going to see btw :D!?


        elisa olivares

          I think the most important thing is you wear something comfortable, if you’re going to be out late! There is alot of  diy outfits you can make to go with the theme of the movie! Just have with your outfit and you’ll be happy!!


          Alexis Solares

            Hey Janice!

            When I saw “movie premier” I was thinking comfy chic! I would wear something like a cute cotton dress, and a pair of flats, and my hair curled, or maybe a pair of jeans, a nice top, and a bold lipstick! You don’t want to be too uncomfortable because you’ll be sitting there for a while.

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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