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Mr. Kate

    Yay Madeline look at those sewing skills! That dress is amazing! Iris is so cute and Bella sounds like an amazing tiny being!

    Keeping up with a blog can be a challenge, but I say just try to blog every day about something. The posts on the Mr. Kate blog have gotten a lot more robust over the years but if you go back a few years, when I first started, you’ll see how random the posts were. Some days I’d just post one photo, or write about something that was on my mind. I think the exercise of blogging every day forces you to examine your life from an editorial stance, ‘what cool thing have I done or realized or made today that I can share with the world?’ and if the answer is, ‘I’m feeling uninspired!’ write about that! Being honest and in the moment is a great discovery process to see what you resonate with and what your readers want to see more of.

    Best of luck and thanks for posting!


    – mr. kate