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kaitlyn greene

    Hi everyone! I’m so excited for this forum, and super happy that it exists!

    My name’s Kait and I currently reside in Orlando, FL. I work in ecommerce, but also get to be a part of an annual digital media convention called Playlist Live! I absolutely love my job, and getting to meet content creators all the time inspires me to create content for myself.

    I’m into fashion, but along the lines of piecing outfits together. Since I live close to Disney World, DisneyBound-ing is something I enjoy doing – solely for the excitement of putting regular clothes together to create a themed outfit for the parks. I also enjoy making my own leggings.

    I also see that everyone is a fan of traveling, and that’s no different for me. I’ll be in Anaheim in about 3 weeks for VidCon and Disneyland 🙂