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Janet Wood

    Hey yall!


    My name is Janet–I am 25 and from Atlanta. I am really new to Little Misters–and am honestly not sure if I have joined everything right! I am on the facebook group and now on this forum…so, if I am missing anything, let me know!

    I graduated 3 years ago with a Bachelors in Psychology and after graduating I started working for my alma mater and went back to school and got another degree in Communications. I am now working in the travel industry and I love it! Traveling is basically my favorite thing to do, so I am glad it is incorporated into my work now! I live with 2 cats (technically they belong to my roommate…but I claim them.) One is super chatty and one is really quiet–so Kate’s snaps of Winston and Roxanne always make me think of my cats! šŸ™‚

    Lori–I am obsessed with the map wall. I have been collecting maps and may have to steal this idea to display them!

    Janice–I think that is not creepy at all….because when I visit LA, I definitely plan to visit the studio…and take pics with that pink wall!! haha. šŸ™‚