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    Hello wonderful weirdos!!!

    This thread is amazing! So cool to learn more about the incredible people who make up the Little Mister community ^_^

    When I first joined the LMs, I said I was “A Hot Eclectic Mess”. This is still true, as I absolutely love pulling inspiration from all sorts of things (whether it be for my fashion, home decor or DIY/art style).

    But really, at the moment, I’m just A Hot Pregnant Mess ^_^

    I’ve just recently passed my due date, so things are feeling a little unsettled and nervous for me right now. On top of this, we’ve just moved house (like last week!) so things feel extra crazy!!!

    Having said that, I have found myself really enjoying this last part of my pregnancy. For so long, I felt very confused and didn’t really feel like I’ve had a chance to connect with my wee bump (especially after my four year old boy had a pretty horrific accident last month. He’s bounced back amazingly thank goodness!)

    Now that I can slow down and take some time for me, I’ve felt more happy and at peace with the incoming birthing (I’ve been struggling with some pretty intense anxiety about it from complications from my first birthing experience).

    I’ve just now read back over this post and definitely feel like a Hot Pregnant Mess, this is the kind of word vomit a baby brain produces 😀

    Anyway, here are a couple of pictures I took the other day. I’ve been having as much fun as I can with this bump while I’ve still got it! ^_^

    And just a little side note to Brittany Smith… This world can be pretty dark and the amount of hate blows my mind at times. Especially being a mum, I find myself worrying about the world my children will grow up in. But you can’t let those feelings and thoughts bring you down. There is sooooo much good in the world, it just gets overshadowed by the scary stuff. I really hope you had a wonderful birthday and I’m sending infinite amounts of love and light your way!!! <3

    Peace and love Little Misters xx