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Jenna Rabel

    I’m a hot I don’t know what mess! By this I mean I have so many things I love to do and want to do that sometimes it seems impossible to accomplish everything! I love being creative through graphic design, photography and crafting, but also woodworking and I want to learn how to weld! I’m trying to learn calligraphy right now because I love to draw, but I feel like drawing doesn’t require as much control as true calligraphy and I love a challenge! I love my job in marketing, but would eventually love to do freelance work so I can work from home! I love interior design and if I could be really good at one thing and make a living off of it it would be that, who knows what I’ll be doing in 10-20 years. I also love to travel, but I love staying home too. I love cats and dogs and really all animals and would also love a teacup pig (I probably wont get one, but I did find a reputable breeder and hour away from me…). This is all kind of random, but maybe this can all fall under I’m a hot joyful mess, my main goal in life is to be happy and spread joy. By capturing moments that make people smile, designing a logo that helps them build their dream, making various things to help someone’s vision come to life, creating a beautiful space someone can call home, making someone laugh because I tried to walk my cat on a leash… or my teacup pig 😉 Whatever it is I think the best gift you can give someone is joy 🙂


    P.S. here is my cat on his harness with his leash in the pet store wearing a lion mane #canteven